The Top Farmer

International Launch

A Green World: The new face of Agriculture
March 25, 2021 (Virtual Event)

Why The

Top Farmer?

THE TOP FARMER is a platform that seeks to shed the needed spotlight on the latest developments in the agricultural sector.



Our Top Farmer is a successful farmer, highly experienced, efficient, with a sophisticated industrialized and scientific-based production system,

TV Show

Sheds the needed media spotlight on the latest developments in the agribusiness sector

Conference & Awards

An annual event that brings together all stakeholders in the industry for a series of conferences, exhibitions and an award ceremony

The Top Farmer Community

An ecosystem that brings together different players within the agribusiness sector for purposes of networking.

The Top Farmer Magazine

Covers major events, activities and policies around agriculture in Nigeria.

The Top Farmer Community

Our training is aimed at empowering both intending and existing farmers in Nigeria. In partnership with our technical partners, we would execute both field and urban-based training, with hands-on practical delivery models.